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Rotary Hopper Depository Safe (24x14x14)

Rotary Hopper Depository Safe (24x14x14)

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Depository B-Rated Rotary Hopper Safe (Storage for your Money, Cash, Checks, Jewelries) for Home, Office, Restaurants, Hotels (24" x 14" x 14")

• Outside Dimensions: 24"h x 14"w x 14"d
• Inside Dimensions: 16-1/2"h x 13-3/4"w x 11"d
• Volume: 2,496 Cubic Inch Capacity
• Construction: w/1/2" Solid Steel Door
• Auto-Detent & Anti-Pry Bar
• Lock (s): Protected by Hardplate (s) & Relocker (s)
• BDS 24/7 Customer Service Label w/Serial Number
• 4 @ 5/8" Anchoring Holes Through Bottom Plate
• Color: Powder Coat - Black
• Weight: Approximately 110 lbs.

HIGH QUALITY. HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION. All depository safes are manufactured with a solid steel body and a 1/2" steel plate door. All safes come standard with a U.L. listed combination lock made in USA and comes standard with anchoring holes for bolting the safe to the door. Each safe comes standard with proprietary drill resistant lock hard plate. This protects the lock against drill attacks.
AUTO DETENT AND RELOCKER. All chrome plated bolt work systems will remain retracted inside the safe door when in the open position to prevent damage to the locking bolts as the door is closed. The auto-detent is the mechanism that causes the bolt to extend automatically when the door is closed, locking the door shut. Bolt work systems are all equipped with an additional spring loaded relocking device that is only activated during a lock punching attack.
ANTI-PRY BAR. All safes come standard with full length anti-pry bars on the door hinge side. An anti-pry bar protects the safe during a forced entry attack using pry bars or attacks where the hinges are cut.
ANCHOR HOLES AND SCRATCH RESISTANT PAINT. Each safe comes standard with four anchoring holes for bolting the safe to the floor. All safes are finished with a standard scratch resistant black powder coat.
24/7 365 GLOBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT LABEL. Each safe manufactured by Blue Dot comes with a serialized label that identifies important details about your safe. The label also provides you with a toll-free 24/7-265 phone number whereby you can call our factory to answer questions about your safe.

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