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La Gard 5750K

La Gard 5750K

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5750-K-SC LaGard Keypad w/Audit & eKey port, Satin Chrome


  • Audit Port (for Combogard and Auditgard locks ONLY)
  • eKey connectivity (Auditgard ONLY)
  • Optional Spindle for deadbolt locks; to retract the bolt by rotating the keypad after code entry
  • Supports 1 Manager and 9 User Codes
  • Dual Mode 
  • Time Delay (up to 99min delay, 19min open window)
  • Support for "Dual Mode" Operation 
  • Audit Trail Records for 63 Events 

4300 - LaGard AuditGard Swingbolt Lock, Dual-Handed, Solenoid
5750K - Round Keypad w/ Audit & eKey port, Satin Chrome

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