When you purchase a Blue Dot safe, you can rest assured that every safe automatically comes with the Basic Service package. Blue Dot warranties that your safe will be free from defective materials and poor workmanship for a period of one year from the date of its original purchase. Although this service comes with the safe, it provides no control over potential future expenses related to technical support.


Our Standard Service package will include the Basic product warranty, plus other additional benefits. This package is designed for our entry level chain accounts that value their time and turn to our professional service team for their needs. Including all the Basic Services list above, our Standard Service plan gives you a controlled pay-as-you-go package. Selecting one provider for service at all your locations allows you instant access to service activity chain wide.


Blue Dot’s Premium Service subscription combines all of the benefits of a superior product with an unprecedented level of Customer Service. Be assured that one phone call or email to Blue Dot’s Customer Service Center will guarantee that your needs will be elevated to a priority status. Enjoy the peace of mind that allows you to resume to your normal duties. The Premium Service is designed for a large-scale chain account with locations throughout the U.S. Premium Services include the items listed in our Standard Services.


Concierge Service entitles you to the highest level of service at Blue Dot. This comprehensive service is available 24/7-365 and has a dedicated project manager handling and overseeing all service - related calls. The Concierge Service is designed to ensure your organization's highest possible system uptime. Keeping your products running smoothly and efficiently requires ongoing maintenance. Simply stated, hardware that contains moving parts needs to be inspected regularly and often times, routine maintenance is required. We visibly and physically inspect your investment to make corrective adjustments (such as focusing cameras, adjusting safe boltworks, or cleaning bill acceptor sensors), and we can also provide custom reporting options that will allow you to track the service that has been done.

Safes and other security-related products are often times taken for granted, and it is only when they fail that their importance is realized. You can be proactive in reducing unexpected failures of safes, locks, and other security hardware by implementing a premium or concierge service plan for your locations, ensuring maximum utility of your loss-prevention equipment.

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